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Making a Donation
The Porphyria Association is run by volunteers who kindly give their time and professional expertise to the organization. In 2017 the committee decided that we were going to provide free membership to all members in order to provide our services to everyone regardless of their financial situation. As we are no longer covering our base costs via membership we are now asking for donations from the general public and the porphyria community. These donations will help financially support the Porphyria Association Inc. Ensuring it's long term survival and allowing us to continue to provide quality services, support and education to all members of the porphyria community free of charge. Your donation will help to fund vital projects such as the new website, the physician advisory board and future events such as an Australian Porphyria Patients Day and awareness campaigns. Regardless on the size of your donation it is greatly appreciated and will help provide vital support to individuals and families who's lives have been impacted by porphyria. All donations are tax deductible as the Porphyria Association Inc is a registered Australian charity. ﷯
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