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Information for Medical Professionals This section of our website is designed for medical professions to provide educational material to aid in your ability to provide patients with an accurate diagnosis and long term management. The section will be continually updated by clinicians and scientists who kindly volunteer their expertise in order to give treating teams updated information to benefit patients. Information in this section include; Porphyria Clinician and Scientist Working Group Expressions of Interest The Porphyria Association Inc. are looking for expressions of interest from clinicians, scientists and researchers who would be interested in forming a working group for porphyria that is tailored for the Australasian context. This working group consists of many specialists and sub specialists who hopefully will provide a holistic and experienced insight into the treatment of porphyria in Australia. This group will consist of approximately 20-25 individuals. The time commitment to this group, should it prove to be beneficial long term will be determined by those involved in the group. Realistically it would consist of an annual gathering. The group will also serve as a network that will allow the clinicians involved to communicate with each other and offer second opinions on complex cases. Reducing some of the feelings of isolation felt by many clinicians treating the porphyrias. The initial meeting is proposed for Saturday the 24th of November to get the group off the ground. This meeting will be held at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute in Melbourne. If you would be interested in contributing to such a group, please and provide us with your details and we will be in contact in the near future to let you know more. HOW TO TEST FOR PORPHYRIA AUSTRALASIAN PORPHYRIA REFERENCE HOSPITALS contact us
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